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Learn, Create, Connect

In May 2017, a Strategy Council and Process Team set forth to complete a long-term plan for UR Downtown. The iterative data collection process engaged over 600 individuals connected to the University of Richmond spanning several key audiences, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders. Through listening sessions, a community survey, and in-person interviews, the teams gathered feedback about UR Downtown in its current form as well as suggestions for a future vision. After processing this aggregated feedback, the teams drafted a vision for UR Downtown, imagined as a vehicle for amplifying the University of Richmond’s mission and values as articulated in its strategic plan.

Long-Term Vision

UR Downtown currently has strong educational programs that connect the campus to the Richmond community, but the call from stakeholders was a much broader vision that more intentionally connects to the University’s mission, values, and strategic direction and furthers UR’s commitment to Richmond. The long-term vision for UR Downtown will amplify the strengths of the University and the assets of the city.

The proposed long-term vision works to enhance the University’s overall mission and values by offering our intellectually vibrant, collaborative community programming and space to learn with the city, create with the city, and connect with the city. These three interconnected goals propel UR Downtown’s purpose and potential as a catalyst for transformational learning, innovation, and regional impact. This bold vision builds on the history of the University of Richmond’s roots downtown and the current successful programming at UR Downtown to create a dynamic, interdisciplinary educational resource that is distinctively UR and Richmond. An extension of the University strategically located downtown, UR Downtown will become a catalyst for creating a quality, applied learning environment for students and for connecting faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners in engaging and collaborating in the heart of the city.

Learn with the City

Provide access to applied place-based learning experiences that promote student growth and the creation of new knowledge that builds capacity in our region.

Create with the City

Leverage UR’s distinctive strengths with Richmond’s arts and culture, entrepreneurial, legal, and governmental hubs downtown to facilitate new learning opportunities, creativity and innovation, and collaboration that contributes to the region.

Connect with the City

Support cross-sector collaboration, respectful engagement, and economic impact in the heart of the city.

Strategy Council

Tara Casey, Director, Carrico Center for Pro Bono & Public Service, University of Richmond School of Law

Richard Coughlan, Associate Professor of Management, University of Richmond Robins School of Business

Mark Detterick, Senior Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, University of Richmond

Andy Gurka, Director of Living-Learning and Roadmap Programs, University of Richmond

Alicia Jiggetts, ’19, Bonner Scholar

Monica Mack, Assistant Director for Housing Counseling and Education, Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia

Dr. Nicole Maurantonio, Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Communications, University of Richmond School of Arts & Sciences

Ryan Rinn, '03, Executive Director, Storefront for Community Design

Dr. Tom Shields, Associate Professor of Education, University of Richmond Jepson School of Leadership Studies and School of Professional & Continuing Studies

Danita Salone, Associate Director of Admission, University of Richmond

Emily Smith, Executive Director, 1708 Gallery

Dr. Thad Williamson, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, University of Richmond Jepson School of Leadership Studies

University of Richmond Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Richmond is to educate in an academically challenging, intellectually vibrant, and collaborative community dedicated to the holistic development of students and the production of scholarly and creative work. A Richmond education prepares students for lives of purpose, thoughtful inquiry, and responsible leadership in a diverse world.

UR Downtown Purpose Statement

UR Downtown provides students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members a shared learning environment and platform for engaging together in the heart of a diverse metropolitan area.